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*South Bay gardeners only, bulb and filter extra
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Patriot's Garden

Patriot's Garden

Vertical CFL maximizes yield

Carbon filter eliminates gardening odors

Exhaust manifold helps reduce noise
The Patriot's Garden employs a single, vertical CFL to produce maximum yield from minimum power. CFL's (compact florescent lights) will produce abundant fruits, vegetables, and flowers so long as the plants are kept VERY close to the bulb, no more than 6" away. With the vertical mount, plants 'hug' the bulb to keep all the flowers within the 6" range. The 6" range limitation is why we do not bother with reflectors - CFL's just don't have enough throwing power to bounce to the reflector and back with any intensity.  

The Patriot's Garden has a passive fresh air intake and uses a 4" duct booster exhaust fan. If gardening odors are bothersome, a carbon filter (optional) can be mounted above the fan. Included are the mogul-base light socket assembly, 24-hour timer, security locks, and re-circulation fan. All you need is a single electrical outlet, a light bulb, and your potted plants.

Rentals include delivery to and pick-up from your ground floor location. Rental fees are by direct debit or recurring credit charges. Rentals do not include bulbs or carbon filters.  Bulbs and filters can be purchased from us, from local retailers such as R.A.S.A Hydroponics, or online. The rental agreement is month-to-month, just call us after your harvest and we will schedule a pick-up. Keep your bulb and filter for your next grow.   

Kits are shipped UPS and include everything EXCEPT the steel cabinet. 18 x 36 x 42 counter-height steel storage cabinets can be had for around $100 used, $300 new. Kit includes carbon filter, mogul-base socket assembly with 125W CFL bulb, exhaust and re-circulation fans, timer, ducting,  intake vents, exhaust manifold, decorative wood top, door seam cover, assembly manual, and every bit of hardware, adhesive, paint, varnish and sealant you will need to build your own Patriot's Garden in about a day, maybe two.  

- $29 / mo. excluding bulb and carbon filter

125W CFL - $25 (specify 6500K veg or 2700K flower)

Carbon Filter - $52 

Manuals - $2 Download  
        $10 Hard copy, spiral bound

Complete Kit - $395 plus shipping
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